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Revolutionary Cleaning Service for Down-filled Items

As you know, gear performs better when closest to its original state!


Down comes with various drawbacks and is notoriously difficult to clean. During use, the feathers absorb sweat and other moisture which causes them to clump together, eliminating their insulating property and becoming a breeding ground for bacterial growth and odors. When you pull a down filled item from the wash, you face a new problem—needing at least 3 or 4 dryer cycles until it is completely dry, while using a tremendous amount of power in the process. 


Our process eliminates the drudgery of washing down-filled items like ski wear, sleeping bags, bibs, jackets and bedding that usually bring a cluster circus of clumping, tennis balls, and endless dry cycles. Not to mention the time and energy wasted, why not let Advanced Fabricare gets your down-filled items cleaned & restored to their original, fluffy, high state of performance!

 Our Liquid CO2 process hygienically cleans, sanitizes and restores all in one cycle and features a patented no heat dry. Say goodbye to endless dry cycles that waste time and energy.


This Next Generation LCO2 service is exclusive as our technology is not available anywhere else in the U.S. We are proud to be able to offer it as an exclusive service for your down cleaning needs.


Our large cleaning capacity coupled with fast turnaround is managed out of a 13,000 square foot facility near the DFW Metroplex in Dallas, TX, with easy access to all modes of transportation.