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Full service 3PL rental suite for apparel, accessories and outdoor gear 

This turn-key service includes professional cleaning, storage and fulfillment of your inventory all under one roof

Why Rental?

The access over ownership model is picking up steam with the arrival of rental platforms. Closet in the cloud allows your customers' affordable access while keeping ownership of your asset.

The push towards sustainability and simplification of lifestyle has begun to enter the mainstream with the convergence of two trends: downsizing to smaller spaces and keeping items longer so they don’t end up in a landfill.

The need to have an Instagram-worthy closet has created an environment for online secondhand marketplaces and fashion rental services to thrive. These businesses are extending the life of an item while increasing consumers' access to fashion.

Why Now?

Why Us?

As your one stop third-party partner, turn-key services include all warehouse logistics plus an optional customized web/app-based platform.

All powered by the most eco-responsible fabricare service in the world.


Just add your brand specific marketing sauce!

Why You?

  • an existing apparel/outdoor gear rental business that needs help scaling;

  • a startup or existing brand looking for a turn-key rental solution;

  • a P2P apparel or outdoor gear platform wanting to reward power renters and users while gaining market advantage;

  • an investor/entrepreneur looking to enter the booming world of the apparel and gear rental business.

Simply put, we add value to your business by allowing you to focus entirely on your brand, without the hassle, headaches and cost of fulfillment and infrastructure.

And, by using ëClean Advanced Fabricare for your apparel and gear cleaning, ëCloset clients get the added value of our exclusive and superior cleaning program and all its’ attached marketing power at no extra charge!


Our cleaning and fulfillment center, coupled with fast turnaround, is managed out of a 13,000 square foot facility near the DFW Metroplex in Dallas, TX, with easy access to all modes of transportation.