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Our purpose is to facilitate a hazard exposure prevention system by offering an environmentally responsible service that effectively cleans contaminants from Fire PPE or FR Apparel and is significantly better than current cleaning, while protecting and extending the life of the gear.



Infrequent, conventional water-based cleaning of fire resistant PPE cannot thoroughly penetrate & remove contaminants from all layers of protective fabric. The residual contaminants embedded in the fabric are being tied to an increase of cancer risks. A study by the University of California-Davis and NIOSH found that firefighters experience more cancer diagnosis and cancer-related deaths than the average population (2016) due to on the job hazards.





ëClean Advanced Fabricare uses a liquid carbon dioxide wash that removes 50% more toxins when compared to conventional water-based cleaning.



Since the liquid carbon dioxide wash has little surface tension, it penetrates and removes contaminants from all PPE layers while preserving the protective properties of each layer.

Gentle mechanical action means less fabric degradation, also extending the life of the gear.



This next generation turnout gear PPE and FR Apparel cleaning service is exclusive as our technology is not available anywhere else in the U.S. We are proud to be able to offer it as an exclusive service for your fire resistant apparel and PPE needs. 



For more information or to send samples for testing, please contact Reuben Rosenblatt

888-ECLEAN1 (888-325-3261) 

Fire and PPE Cleaning using Advanced Fabricare