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Reducing The Environmental Impact of Operations


Looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of your operations? Gear performs better when closest to its original, pristine state! 

We clean and repair customer-owned gloves, PPE gear, shop towels and protective sleeves for a wide variety of industrial applications. The environmentally-responsible professional process gets gear cleaner than regular washing, while significantly extending gear life. Compared to “use and dispose” programs, this program also significantly reduces costs and removes a waste stream.

Our Liquid CO2 process hygienically cleans and sanitizes all in one cycle and features a patented no heat dry. Washing and repairing gear with our program will increase lifespan by up to 4X, while reducing new purchases.


 Since the Liquid CO2 has low surface tension, it penetrates and removes more harmful chemicals, slag, perspiration, and everyday grit and grime that can weaken protective fibers and seams. Our patented no heat dry means zero fabric degradation, also extending the life of your gear.

Our exclusive washing process, without water or harmful solvents, allows for a variety of materials such as leather, rubber and all aramid type fibers. We responsibly recycle or upcycle end of life gear for minimum environmental impact.

This Next Generation LCO2 service is exclusive as our technology is not available anywhere else in the U.S. We are proud to be able to offer it as an exclusive service for your needs. 


Our large cleaning capacity coupled with fast turnaround is managed out of a 13,000 square foot facility near the DFW Metroplex in Dallas, TX, with easy access to all modes of transportation.