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Remediation Program

We help you recover more soft goods than ever before, at rock bottom prices, keeping both the insurance adjusters and your customers happy. 


Whether you are restoring soft goods by outsourcing, or in-house, our service will give you a better product for less money. How? Our Liquid CO2 process hygienically cleans and sanitizes all in one cycle and features a patented no heat dry. Say goodbye to endless dry cycles that waste time and energy. It’s those energy savings which are simply passed on to you.


This Next Generation LCO2 service is exclusive as our technology is not available anywhere else in the U.S. We are proud to be able to offer it as an exclusive service for your restoration needs. 


Our large cleaning capacity coupled with fast turnaround is managed out of a 13,000 square foot facility near the DFW Metroplex in Dallas, TX, with easy access to all modes of transportation. 

What makes Advanced Fabricare different?

Glad you asked.